To Me, From My Long Lost Self-Worth



When did you lose yours? When did the magazines and ads you hate so much creep into your mind and make you hate yourself no matter what your size?

When did you stop feeling like you were as good as people who were smaller than you?

When did you start thinking that people were judging you by your size or that anyone cared as much about your pounds and ounces as you?

When did you decide that throwing up was better than absorbing nutrients because nobody could possibly love you the way you are?

You can blame the media, men, other women, tv shows, movies whatever you want but the real problem is you. Change you. Love you. Love yourself enough to put good food in you and move your body once a day. 

The truth is people can see the the good in you. You just need to find it too.

02.Jul.14 3 months ago

Just because I don’t want you to define me by my body doesn’t mean I can’t still be proud of it no matter what shape or size it is. If I love myself, then you don’t have to.

19.Jun.13 1 year ago